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Hi! I'm Your Future.

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I would like to introduce myself to you because we have never met.  Truth is, we will meet and I might not look quite the way you picture me. I want to assure you of a few things before we even meet.  First of all, you have the power to make me decent, beneficial, noble and enjoyable.  Not only that, but you also have the power to make me evil, wicked, corrupt and regretful.  Sometimes I’ll be the furthest thing from your mind because you will only be concerned about the present.  Other times, you will think of me and pour all of your energy into trying to create a picture perfect ending.  Truth is, I am not one identifying moment.  Life won’t stop after something epic happens to you.  However,I am a collection of moments that are a result of your decision-making.  Yes, you decide! You use your power of choice and free will to establish me. 

Here’s another side of me. Sometimes, I will make you cry. I’ll frustrate you. I’ll even try to make you give up.  It is during those times that you have to reflect on your past dreams and goals and stay committed to your course of action.  If you want a good future, you must know that it will come with sacrifices.  Here’s another certainty about me: People you begin your journey with are not always there for the duration of the trip.  Some people get side tracked, some people become committed to other things and other people will ultimately leave.  You have to find reassurance in knowing that the people who are in your life are right where they need to be and the ones who have left are also where they need to be.

I want to tell you that everything will be great! I want to tell you that there will be no bumps in the road and you can live happily ever after.  But if I said those things, that simply would not be fair to you.  I do want you to know you can use every success and failure as a learning opportunity to make something great happen. By the time you get to me, you will understand that nothing happens or is established without hard work and dedication.  As you grow and I am no longer your future but have become your present, you will reflect on your past and be grateful that you didn’t quit in the moment.  You will reflect on your past and see the tenacity and resolve you had that would have never been revealed if I made it easy for you.  You will know the strength that lies within you through challenges, experiences, defeats and victories.

One day we’ll meet, but until then, "enjoy the present because it’s a gift!"

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